7 months ago


Preparation for the design charrette includes creating an inventory of existing recreation facilities in the region, gathering information on typical recreation facility sizes, and prepping material for the design charrette.

Day 1- Learning + Visioning

The first day of the design charrette is about learning from stakeholders, understanding the site, and identifying opportunities that will aid in creating a vision and ideas for the design day.

Day 2 - Public Input

The project team takes the learnings from Day 1 and begins creating design options. This day is intensive – by the end of the day there will be a number of different design concepts for discussion on day 3. People are welcome to come in to see the process in action.

Day 3 - Public Feedback

The Stakeholder groups are invited back to give the project team feedback on different design options. This feedback will lead into a refinement process of a preferred design on day 4.

Day 4 - Design Refinement + Presentation to Public

With the comments received from Feedback Day, we will be refining the site design and presenting the new design to the stakeholder groups and general public. At this stage the intent is to have a conceptual site plan that reflects the collective vision developed from the stakeholder groups.


Following the design charrette we will be preparing a detailed report including outcomes of the design charrette, implementation tools, and a cost estimate to take before Council.